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Sunday, October 5, 2008

How To Save Money On Clothing

Buy quality clothing that will last. Price should only come second. Don't shop at brand name department stores like K-mart and Target when buying clothing. Not always, but most of the time, the clothing from department stores is not of excellent quality. Check the quality of the seams. I think Reebok is way overpriced, but I love their socks. They last a long time and are excellent quality.

Buy your winter jacket in the middle of July. Clothing that is sold "out of season" is usually cheaper.

Save money on bleach. You don't have to buy white socks and underwear. If you buy all colored clothing, you won't need to buy bleach. If you insist on wearing white, buy laundry detergent with the color safe bleach already added.

Take care of your clothes. Wear slippers over your socks while at home to keep them cleaner longer. Buy boots for winter walking to keep your shoes dry and clean.

Buy functional clothing to get your money's worth. I recently joined the "Exclusive News Club". This is a shopper club card for Bass, Geoffrey Beene, Izod and VanHeusen. They email you a 20% off voucher for signing up. I recently bought a pair of $40 retail priced camouflage cargo shorts for $10 (on 70% off clearance with the coupon). There was a reason I chose to buy these shorts. They had an abundance of huge pockets! Consumers buy vehicles with added features. Why not clothing?

You can find baby clothing at garage and yard sales.

The salvation army has weekly sales on different clothing.

Shop at outlet stores. Niagara Falls, NY has the "Fashion Outlets" and "the Summit".

Buy perfume, cologne and jewelry on Ebay.

One of my favorite sites for buying clothing to resell is They sell brand name clothing such as Shady, Sean John, Tommy Hilfiger, Phat Farm, Rocawear, Timberland and Ecko Unltd way way below wholesale! You can make huge profits at flea markets or on Ebay!

Here is the link:

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