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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Budget. Set a limit on how much per month you are willing to spend on movies. Set the bar low enough without depriving yourself of pleasure.

Only visit the movie theater one a month or every other month. Take turns paying with friends. I only go to the theater if there's a movie I absolutely have to see and I know will be good.

Attend a drive-in show. They are extremely cheap. You usually get two movies for the price of one. Buy season tickets.

Use coupons. Entertainment books have movie theater coupons.

Order a channel package from your cable company.

Rent movies from Family Video. Take turns paying for rentals with friends. Take advantage of their free kid's rentals. Try the Redbox. Subscribe to Julie Smarts Coupon Saving Family blog. She gives away free Redbox codes every week!

If you only plan on watching a movie once or twice, rent it instead of purchasing it.

Buy movies on VHS at garage sales for 50¢ each.

Don't buy HD or Blu-ray, especially if you can't afford it.

Avoid buying new. Buy movies from thrift stores, yard sales, pawn shops and flea markets.

Save your money throughout the year and splurge on Black Friday. Target has an excellent movie selection cheap on Black Friday.

Rent movies from the library.

Don't buy new releases on DVD.

Don't copy movies illegally. It is illegal in the United States even to own a bootleg copy. Federal law states you may only possess copies if you own the original.

Sell movies you no longer want on eBay or or trade with friends.

Buy a TIVO.

Borrow DVDs from friends and share yours with them.

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