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Friday, October 31, 2008

Purchasing a vehicle

If you know nothing about cars, bring a knowledgeable friend with you when looking at a vehicle.

Buy a small 4 cylinder car, such as a Ford Tempo. They are the cheapest on gas and car insurance.

Never buy new. Never lease or use credit. Never buy from a car dealership. Buy a pre-owned car outright from a friend, family member or scour the classifieds.

A car is an appliance and not a status symbol. Friends will not like you more if you drive a convertible. If anything they may resent you. A car is for getting from point A to point B quicker. That means you don't need shiny rims or an expensive stereo system.

Take care of your vehicle! Perform maintenance on your vehicle regularly. Change the oil yourself every 3000 miles. If you don't know how to change the oil then learn. Check the fluids weekly. Take an auto repair class. When you car needs repairs, fix it yourself or find a reputable mechanic by word of mouth. Avoid taking your car to a brand name automotive service. The labor they charge is expensive. Don't break down without Triple-A.

Don't take your car to the automatic car wash. Wash your car's exterior and interior yourself or find somewhere that does it cheap. After a snowfall, wash salt from your car as soon as possible. Make sure to wash underneath the chassis.

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Helpful websites when purchasing a new car:

Car Complaints
Kelly Blue Book

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