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Friday, October 31, 2008

Save Money On Gas Hypermiling

1. Pump gas yourself. It's usually cheaper and won't need to tip.

2. Replace your air filter, dirty spark plugs, and PCV Valve as needed.

3. Make sure your fan belt is tight.

4. Make sure to use your car's recommended tires and keep them properly inflated. Even two pounds over or under will waste gas. Your car's recommended tire pressure can usually be found on the driver's side door.

5. Use your cruise control.

6. Indian reservations have the cheapest gas and it's tax free.

7. Use the air conditioner. Keep your windows rolled up. Air drag can reduce gas mileage.

8. Remove unnecessary weight from the trunk. Never fill you tank more then half full.

9. Car pool.

10. Use public transportation.

11. Walk. It is also good exercise.

12. Change your oil every 3000 miles or every 3 months.

13. Don't top off your tank. Gas will expand and overflow in the hot sun.

14. Shop around for the cheapest gas.

15. Buy fuel injector cleaner.

16. Buy a motor scooter.

17. Plan your route beforehand. Combine errands. Find the shortest route. Buy a GPS.

18. Don't use the restaurant drive-thru. Walk inside and order.

19. Don't buy additives that claim to offer the best gas mileage.

20. Find a gas credit card that will save you 5% cash back on gasoline purchases. Try the Discover Open Road Card.

21. Fill up three days before a holiday.

22. Don't drive aggressively, i.e, starting and stopping abruptly. Predict coming to a stop without applying the brakes.

23. Avoid idling. One hour of idling equals about one hour of wasted gasoline.

MYTH: Your car's engine needs to warm-up in the morning.

MYTH: It takes more gasoline to restart your car then to let it idle.

24. Learn more about the art of hypermiling.

25. Drive the speed limit. The faster you drive, the more gas you will burn.

26. Check underneath your car for a gas leak.

27. Buy a 4 cylinder car.

28. Make sure you gas cap is on tight or gas will evaporate.

Sources: Fuel Saving Zone

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