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CVS Rewards Card
Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Many stores offer rewards cards that make you eligible for savings in-store. The CVS rewards card, called the Extra Care program offers so much more than just accessibility to sale items. It offers 2% back, rebates, coupons, mailers, and emails that provide additional savings. Additionally, Extra Care participants earn Extra Bucks. These are like instant rebates in the form of coupons that you can use to make other purchases in the store. Rewards are also given for every second prescription you purchase. You are spending the money anyway, so you might as well get a little of it back.

To get a CVS Extra Care card, sign up for an account either online or in-store. You can manage your CVS account and look at the savings that are piling up if you have an online account. Opt for email too. These are different from the circulars that come via snail mail. You earn Extra Bucks on your CVS rewards card in three ways. You will earn 2% back on every purchase you make at CVS (some exclusion). Every two prescriptions you purchase earn one Extra Buck. You can earn Extra Bucks based on weekly specials.

CVS Extra Care Bucks are printed on your receipt. If you just bought a promotional item, you get the Bucks for it on your receipt. Every three months your account is updated and the next time you make an in-store purchase, your Bucks print on the receipt. You can also visit your account online and print out your Extra Bucks. Keep in mind that the Bucks on your CVS rewards card are redeemable inside the store only. But you earn Bucks with both in-store and online purchases. Additional offers will print occasionally on your receipt as well. If that weren’t enough, there is also a college savings plan available when you use your CVS card.

Other things to keep in mind about your CVS rewards card are both exciting and cautionary. Extra Bucks must all be redeemed at the same time. You cannot use some and save some for later. You will not be given credit or cash back if you do not use all your Bucks. On the brighter side, you can combine manufacturer’s coupons with your purchases. Frequently customers get products for free with their careful planning and spending. Pay attention to rebates and weekly specials as well as your email. Extra savings are awaiting you when you put a little brain power to combining all the options for saving money.

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