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Saving Energy – Saving Money
Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saving Energy – Saving Money

Cutting back on utility bills can seem like a real sacrifice. How could you possibly scrimp on the furnace in the dead of winter? There are plenty of ways to save without wearing your coat in the house. The pennies add up and you can still be comfortable. Think of all the utilities you use: water, electricity, natural gas, gasoline. Penny pinch the possibilities out of things you use every day by saving energy.

Do you really have to have a 15-20 minute shower every day? Cut back your time in the shower. If you are really serious about changing your shower, do it navy submarine style. Turn the water on to get yourself all wet then turn it off to lather up. Turn the shower back on to rinse. The water is on for less than a minute total. If the thought of standing in the shower with no water scares you, try a water-saving shower head, they reduce use to two gallons per minute. Instead of hosing off your driveway, sweep it off. Washing dishes by hand often uses more water than dishwashers (happy thought for busy moms). Fixing leaky faucets or catching the leak to water your plants are all great methods of saving energy.

The use of electricity and natural gas in your home can be a means of saving energy. You can turn your water heater down in the summer and never notice the change. Hang your laundry outside to dry on nice days instead of using the dryer. Use fans to circulate air in your home to cut down on cooling costs. Invest in better or more insulation, caulk windows and doors and close the fire place damper. Turn the thermostat down a bit, especially in rooms that you don’t use often. Buy energy efficient appliances and unplug them when not in use. Close the curtains on really hot or cold days depending on the season. Do laundry in cold water.

Try other methods of saving energy like using rechargeable batteries or replacing incandescent light bulbs with energy saving ones. Turn out the lights entirely, even if you have to follow your kids around the house to do it. Do your energy consuming chores during off peak times. The rate for peak hours is more expensive. You may want to consider alternative energy like solar panels or hybrid vehicles to save on gasoline. Making efforts to save energy not only saves you money, but also contributes to a healthier environment and community

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