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How To Save Money At Aldi's
Friday, October 29, 2010

It has become a daily routine for me to flash a big smile on saving extra bucks whenever I walk out of the local Aldi store. Trust me if you haven't yet shopped at Aldi's then I am sure you are missing the world's cheapest Grocery secrets. The German grocery store is setting the best example of easy to shop and a great value store. I always used to wonder why moms become so excited whenever someone was talking about Aldi's. So this time I myself decided to visit the local Aldi shop in my neighborhood.

I would like to share some points which would definitely help you in cost saving at Aldi's :

> Before you leave your home for Aldi's please make sure you are carrying your own carrier. Ofcourse at Aldi's you will find reusable eco friendly bags at an extremely competitive prices. But if you are carrying your own bags you save those extra money that you need to pay there.

> Aldi saves thousands of dollars each year with their shopping cart. As soon as you entre the store you will find carts locked together outside the main area. You just need to pay a quarter that will gain you a cart, when you are over with your shopping, you ll get back your quarter. This helps Aldi keep their food prices at lower prices which saves your money too.

> Make sure that you come up with your own grocery list. You can try some new European house brands at Aldi too. Every week Aldi introduces super specials and you can win that only if you shop early. These specials are often one time deals. This will give you some extra discount at Aldi.

> If you are keen on purchasing some dairy products then Aldi is the best place where you can get them at the most cheapest prices. You just need to name it and you ll find it there. Dairy goods are something we need on day to day basis and if we are getting it in low prices then its the best deal. Please remember that Aldi do not accept any grocery store coupons so you can use those coupons for other places you shop.

> With your local Aldi, keep a track of their produce truck. Often produce reach Aldi fast as compared to other grocery shops since they run 40% less than the other big names. Do not forget to check their great variety of diet foods and low car snacks options.

> Always remember to carry extra cash with yourself. Aldi will never except any checks, debit or credit card in any circumstances.

> If you really want to thank your grocery budget then keep a track of great deals that Aldi introduces each week.

I compared the prices of Aldi with its other counterparts and see what I got as a result :

I Know the marginal difference is not so big but still always consider shopping at the Aldi's.

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