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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Coupons can be a great way to save money. They are usually a ticket of some kind and provide a discount, rebate, or special offer. They can be obtained in mailers, newspapers, magazines, and online. Text messages and email are increasingly popular means of distribution as well. In 1887, Coca-Cola was the first company to hand out tickets offering free drinks. Nobody could resist free, and the rest is history. Deals and discounts are offered on anything you could wish to buy. Caution is advised however, deals sometimes end in spending more money rather than saving it.

Finding deals is practically effortless. They come to you unsolicited in the mailbox and the morning paper. They are in your favorite monthly magazine and local newsletters. They pile up on your desk looking like junk mail, but promising savings for whatever you might buy. To avoid the pile up, look through them as soon as they come. Keep a wallet or envelope dedicated to coupons. Some even organize them further with tabbed sections for cold cereal, canned vegetables, or salad dressing. If it becomes overwhelming, you might narrow your collection to the things you buy most. Or look for deals on things you are specifically shopping for.

Numerous internet sites are dedicated to ‘promotional codes’ and printable pages of savings. You can find a discount to anything you are shopping for, online, or off. Using those magical tickets is simple. Present them to the cashier and save money. You may want to present them before making the purchase, as they could require special steps for the cashier. Watch your total going down as each coupon is deducted from your bill. Sometimes it may seem useless to try when the discount is only thirty cents. Keep in mind that it all adds up. A little bit of clipping and organization on your part will result in great savings.

There are some inconveniences to coupons. Don’t forget that they are marketing ploys. Sometimes we are tempted to buy stuff simply because we have a coupon for it. In this case, extra money might be spent rather than saving it. If you want to save money, collect savings tickets for things you buy regularly. Most deals are on things that are less necessary like microwave popcorn rather than eggs. But if your family loves microwave popcorn, and you keep the pantry stocked with it, that’s when the real savings happen.

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