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Penny Pinching Tips
Sunday, January 16, 2011

There are many words describing a person who is mindful economically, like penny pinching or cheap. Frugal is the best sounding one and the least negative. It connotes environmentally sound practices, efficiency, and people who can suppress gratification. Usually this type of person is aware and above advertising schemes and social pressures. You don’t have to be a hermit to save money. You don’t even have to have lofty goals of saving the planet or contributing to the needy. All you need is a little self-control and then you can watch the savings begin.

Many consider frugality to be a virtue, so whether you’re trying to or not, being frugal might make you a better person. Now let’s get to the part where you save money. Budgeting is the first step if you want to save money. You must know how much money you have and how much you can spend. Then you must not spend any more, otherwise you will lose any benefit you might gain by penny pinching. Look online for budget calculators to help you get started. You might also try some books for of ideas where you can cut the fat and get the most out of what you’ve got.

Shop the clearances and sales for the stuff you need to buy. For extra savings look for coupons, join a rewards program, and sign up for emails (these often have exclusive offers). Or you could undertake a special challenge to reduce your expenditures like quit smoking, eating out only on special occasions, or only buying absolute needs for a month. Learning to cook is a great way to be frugal and it creates much less land fill waste. Really challenge yourself by learning how to preserve your favorite fruit when it is in season and less expensive. Or grow it yourself in the garden.

With all this self-discipline, you might get sick and tired of trying to be frugal. But don’t give up. Leave some room for relaxation. Budget a little money each paycheck for yourself. Even if it is a tiny bit, maybe in a few months you can go to the spa for the day. Having a reason for scrimping helps you get through the less interesting days of denial. Make exciting goals as well as needed ones. It is worthy to be cheap so that you can get out of debt, but that won’t help you much when you are tempted. Set aside a little reward money so that when you are debt free, you can celebrate.

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