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I replaced my broken cell phone for $40
Monday, November 15, 2010

I purchased my silver LW310 Cricket flip-phone one or two years ago. The sales lady strongly suggested I buy insurance for my cell phone in the event it was lost or damaged. The cost of insurance was only an extra $5 per month. I debated on it. I figured if I could survive 25 months without breaking or losing my cell phone, I would have saved the price of insurance. It broke.

The screen is completely blank. I can still make and receive phone calls but I cannot see what time it is, or use caller ID, or any other feature on my cell phone. All my business contacts are on my cell phone too.

Since I didn’t opt for insurance, it would probably cost me a fortune to have repaired or replaced. I loved this phone and did not want to purchase a new one either.

I drove to the Cricket Wireless store and asked the sales lady "If I purchased the exact same phone on eBay could I just transfer the service ?" She said (the same sales lady, damn she’s been working there forever) "The service could be transferred for a fee of $15 a long as it was a Cricket cell phone. I scoured ebay for silver LW310 Cricket flip . I stumbled upon one used for $25 with free shipping:

Cricket flip-phone Lg Helix silver

The replacement phone I purchased on eBay is currently in transit as I write this. I shall post an update upon it’s arrival.

UPDATE: I received the used Cricket cell phone via UPS today. It didn't come with a charger but that's okay. I still have the old charger (and now a replacement battery). Cricket informed me, without insurance I would have needed to purchase a brand new cell phone. I guess they don't do repairs. The total charge to switch service to a new phone was $16.20 making the total cost I paid to replace my broken cell phone $41.20. I could have transferred my phone number contacts for an additional $10, but I opted not to. I may just try to find a third LW310 Cricket flip-phone on eBay just to have a backup.

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