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Monday, December 20, 2010

save money on groceries

There are a million little tricks that can slowly add up to great savings at the grocery store. Coupons are an obvious answer, but you can save even without coupons. Food is something we have to buy, but in America and other relatively free countries, there is an array of choices for any given item you need to buy. Shop carefully and you will save. From buying store brands to taking advantage of the sales, club memberships to unit shopping, you can feed your family for less. Groceries don’t have to break the bank.

Smart shoppers unit price their groceries. That means that you do the math to break down the price to how much it is per unit. Things become much clearer by the unit. You can see past gimmicks and marketing. There is a big difference between $.27 per ounce and $.35 per ounce. The choice becomes much simpler and cost effective. Store brands are often less expensive by the unit than name brands. You may have to sacrifice a little quality, but when buying the off brand instead of the name brand means a savings of $50 or more per year just for hot dog buns, it is easier to do.

Another money saver for groceries is to shop at a club where you buy in bulk. If you can find the space, buying in bulk offers a discount over buying in single. Clubs usually charge a membership fee, but most also offer rewards programs where you earn a percentage back of all that you spend. Some even guarantee that you’ll earn back what you spent on the membership. Bulk buying is also useful for sale items. Buy a whole bunch when it is on sale and you’ll never have to pay full price. And you have the added benefit of food storage for emergencies.

You can always be a coupon clipper if you want to save. Check out the ads and promotions on TV, newspapers, and mailers too. This is a great way to prepare for bulk purchases. Lastly, take note that higher priced food items usually are not the healthiest for you. Processed foods, meat, and dairy are not on the base of the food pyramid. These are also the most expensive regular purchases you make. It may be a great challenge, but changing your diet could save both your health and your pocketbook. The little things add up. Try these little changes when you shop for groceries and it will make all the difference.

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