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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A single penny may seem useless, but they can add up to a respectable amount. Literally save all your change in a special place and in a year you will be surprised. There are lots of seemingly insignificant things you can do that will add up to a reward. Penny pinching is a mentality. No matter what your income, squeeze every last drop out of those pennies. These tips are for people who want to reuse, recycle, and get as much use out of items as possible. Stretching money is not about popularity or falling for advertising schemes. It is for the aware and resourceful.

Many of the things we use today are disposable. Convenience is modern. Don’t be afraid to reuse, it may be an old idea but a smart one. Wash and reuse water bottles and zipper plastic bags. Plastic cups and Styrofoam plates might be reusable too. Disposable mechanical pencils can be refilled pushing the graphite into the tip. If you think creatively, you too can come up with lots of ideas that result in double duty. The market is designed to get you to spend as much money as possible. Learn to see past the schemes, think creatively. Cheat the system and line your pocketbook with penny pinching tips.

Penny pinching tips for the kitchen start with the fact that the least expensive foods are usually better for you. Basic food items like whole grains, vegetable, and fruits are fairly inexpensive compared to the prepackaged items. Once again, you will find yourself paying for convenience. Beware of processed foods claiming to have great nutrition. Usually nutrients are added back in because the expensive processing has removed them. Be brave and make your food from fresh ingredients. It has been proven many times that those who cook spend less than those who buy prepared foods or eat out.

Using penny pinching tips in real life takes time and adjustment. It is not about convenience, but savings. You may also find that you use your time better when you are not concerned about convenience and appearance. Penny pinching is not for those who are trying to keep up with the latest trends. Trends are costly because they are ridden with advertising that tells us we must be a certain way. Removing yourself from those influences will not only improve your savings, but yourself. Go with the simple life, pinch those pennies and improve your life.

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