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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fresh Step is the only kitty litter I use. It is probably not the cheapest, but I have tried almost every other brand and it's not worth the aggravation or the inconvenience. Fresh Step not only masks the odor of cat urine but it actually deodorizes the room! It also clumps very well.

I am not flushing cat litter down the toilet anymore. That is the only downside of Fresh Step. It WILL clog the toilet. You barely smell cat urine or poo with Fresh Step, so I just dispose of my cat's finished by-product in the waste basket that I keep next to his cat box.

I don't use a hand scooper anymore either. My roommate bought me a Lift n'Sift Cat Litter Pan. This consists of three pans stacked on top of each other. The first pan sifts the waste separating it from the second. If you are using Fresh Step and dump the cat litter from pan to pan it activates the fresh scent. It seems like the kitty litter lasts alot longer too.

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