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Learn how to stop paying for postage, and get a higher customer adoption rate
Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Learn how to stop paying for postage, and get a higher customer adoption rate

Yes, you read that right!  It’s not that postage is going down – in fact, expect postage rates to climb as service slows down due to cost-saving closures by the USPS. No, the reason your mailing and printing costs are going to go down is due to a new form of technology called iPDF Billing offered exclusively by CTP Solutions.

Whereas you may have previously relied on printed, mailed statements to your customers, you now have the option of sending interactive electronic statements or a combination of electronic and printed statement to your customers. The great thing is, there’s a 35% - 50% electronic adoption rate for typical customers because the iPDF technology also offers them many great benefits.

For instance, customers can interact with their invoices in several ways:

  • accessing their payment histories
  • asking questions through a linked chat button to your customer service team
  • learning about limited-time promotions your company is offering
  • taking advantage of offers from your ‘paid’ affiliate advertisers.

     Yes, I said ‘paid.’  What that means is that you can actually derive advertising revenue simply by offering unused ‘white space’ to others to market their products/services.

Plus, the iPDF technology allows you to modify and personalize the invoices you send out through its highly-flexible customer control of images, offers, and messaging using a graphical user interface.

Through the delivery of an interactive PDF (iPDF), you’ll be seeing costs going down and increased efficiencies for your company, your marketing and customer service team, and your document recipients. 

Picture this: immediate delivery of invoices with no postage expense, less customer calls questioning bills and faster payments back to you.  Sound good?

Join us on September 18, 2013 at (time of webinar) for our free, hour-long webinar entitled, Electronic Billing: How it Can Improve Your Bottom-line.” To sign up for the webinar or for more information prior to our webinar, please contact Jack Schachtel email or call me  at: 818-597-1222 ext. 304



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