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John Cummuta
Tuesday, January 31, 2012

John Cummuta review Transforming Debt Into Wealth

John Cummuta

I highly recommend the "Transforming Debt Into Wealth" system by John M. Cummuta. I have two of the VHS from a complete kit.

I don't really see how it turns debt into wealth, but it's an amazing system for eliminating debt very VERY rapidly. It has nothing to do with debt consolidation, a loan or anything like that. "Transforming Debt Into Wealth" is not the conventional system credit couseling companies use for reducing debt. They usually work on eliminating the high interest debt first. John Cummuta uses what he calls an "accelerator margin". A typical $60,000 annual income household with $151,639 in total debt, including their mortgage, could be completely debt free without credit cards, owning their home, two cars, and everything else in their lives in just 5 years 9 months!

This system is rather expensive though. I recommend it if you are serious about debt reduction. It goes for over $100 on eBay, but I was lucky enough to get it for a couple of bucks at the Salvation Army. There is an entire kit which I haven't seen, but I learned more then enough about eliminating debt from just one of the two VHS.

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