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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Save money shopping at outlet stores. These "outlet stores or malls" are owned buy the manufacturers and cut out the middleman thus saving you money. Niagara Falls, NY has the "Fashion Outlets".

Eating healthy and exercising regularly will save money on doctor's fees. Brush your teeth regularly. Dentist fees are expensive and toothaches are painful!

Return empty aluminum cans to the grocery store.

Save money on items when they are out of season. For example, winter jackets are cheapest in May. Save money the day after holidays:

purchase party supplies on Jan 2ND
purchase Valentine's cards on Feb 15TH
purchase Halloween candy on Nov 1ST
purchase Christmas decorations on Dec 26TH

School supplies are the cheapest a week or two before school.

Buy gasoline and groceries at the Indian reservation. I buy Pepsi there without deposit or tax. I can then turn around and collect deposit at the grocery store.

Try not to break fifty or one-hundred dollar bills. It will be harder to spend them. Don't cash your paycheck until you need it. Remember though it has to be cashed within a certain number of days.

Read blogs and watch YouTube videos on how to save money.

Know the difference between cheap and frugal. Being too cheap with your money can jeopardize the most important areas of your life such as health and relationships. Frugality is about managing your money intelligently. Knowing when to spend how much on what.

Be tight on expenses, but generous on people.

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