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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Grocery Saving Tips

Try not to waste saran wrap, aluminum foil or ziplock bags. Store leftovers in reuseable containers and/or cookie jars. Buy matching reuseable containers for organization and convenience. Invest in a large deep freezer and good vacuum sealer (Foodsaver). My large deep freezer I purchased at Wal*Mart only uses $25 of electricity per year.

Buy day old bread and store it in your deep freezer. Thaw out only what you need at one time in the microwave.

Use manufacturer coupons when your supermarket doubles them.

Buy generic vs. brand name when grocery shopping unless a coupon would be cheaper.

Avoid convenience. Don't buy groceries at convenient stores. Never buy impulse items when in line at the checkout counter.

Visit to find out what's on Sale at your grocery store this week.

Designate space in your home (if you have the room) for bulk purchases. Buy items in bulk when there is a huge sale (even if you don't need them now). Make sure they are non-perishable and try not to spend over your budget.

Compare unit prices.

Stock up on Pepsi and/or Coke when they are on sale.

Buy a magic bullet.

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